Month: July 2015

Strong Sector Growth From ERP, CRM… Software Companies

Do you keep half an eye on what’s happening in the global software market?¬† It’s interesting to note the strong sector growth for those segments that relate to the supply of goods and services and those that focus on ‘the relationship’ – and specifically the Customer Relationship Management. You’ve got it right, CRM, ERP, SCM, HMS / HIS, FSM and the like have all seen notable increases in growth worldwide this past year – ranging from 8% to 13% and the forecast from various industry analysts concur¬† continued growth will maintain at a similar pace through 2020.

It’s no surprise that many of the software companies serving these market segments are long time DBI customers. Where the Solutions Schedule and Studio Controls product lines offer unique solutions for what can be extremely complex programming requirements.

For those in the midst of challenging some of these complexities using creative scheduling and UI design concepts we offer one more tool for your toolbox – and may be surprisingly to some – an open source .NET Warehouse and Shipments Scheduling Framework. Navigate to CodePlex and look for the ‘Warehouse Scheduling Framework’ –