The Scarce Resource will be ‘Points of View’

“There will be more really great content too, but snagging it in an ocean of banal junk will be harder than ever.  It is this avalanche of content that will make context the scarce resource.”

The words of well known Futurist / Forecaster Paul Saffo.

And the conversation continues… context won’t really be the gold commodity of the time – “Point of view” will be.  ‘That quintessentially-human solution to information overload, an intuitive process of reducing things to an essential relevant and manageable minimum.’

Much like the 16th century proverb – ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, we are at a new point where technology can answer the current need – for context, and Point of View out of the growing ocean of content.  A solution with a narrowed focus, simplified implementation and the ability to quickly derive near perfect ‘Point of View’.

The necessity, the desire – distill content into contextually accurate ‘Points of View’ – in more common terms of this webified world  –  key phrases and keywords.  If only there were an easily consumable technology – a RESTful service for instance that answered the call.   There is – it’s called  xAIgent.

See how you can make your content relevant and manageable.


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