Month: February 2021


Documents, audio recordings, videos, images – data is growing daily in the business world and most of it is unstructured, which makes it difficult for many organizations to extract insights and actionable information for improved business operations and smarter decision-making. These business issues are now changing with the rise of new AI technologies, machine learning and natural language processing in today’s search and analytics solutions. From e-commerce and customer service, to intranet portals and collaboration, business leaders hungry for greater automation and intelligence are finding opportunities to improve processes and better empower their workforce to drive transformative results.

AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing can be complicated strategies to integrate into Enterprise systems. Give your unstructured data project a kick-start with a commercially proven and industry tested solution that brings AI, ML and NLP all under one hood and with a straight forward API – Doc-Tags / xAIgent!

We’re making Complex Data Driven Decisions a whole lot easier!
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