Visualizing Resource Management (1)

Visualizing Resource Management – the art, the science and the power to visually plan and position the right resources, in the right places, at the right times.  Sounds like a fairly straight forward concept and should be wrapped into every ERP, Logistics and CRM related software consumed by any organization.

And that’s where the opportunity presents itself – most enterprise systems do not employ visual resource planning and scheduling. The complexities of visually representing multi-dimensional resource scheduling data is challenging and very rewarding when you get it right.  There are two products that have stood the test of various industries for the last twenty years and have got it right, every time.

Of course these products didn’t start out as they are today – through the course of your enterprise management demands and coding challenges, Studio Controls and Solutions Schedule have been influenced and have evolved significantly over the course of the last twenty years. To where we are at this time – the strongest most feature rich, natural user interface design controls available – consumed by commercial software companies for myriad industries around the world.

Welcome to 2016!  The next step in the evolution of Visual Resource Management, Natural Language Processing and Text Analytics.  We have a number of exciting new developments to share with you in course of the next number of months.  First, we’re going to start with a number of product updates, then shortly after that a whole new multi-faceted scheduling control and then the world of how we search, divine and consume information changes.



Value is more important than ever and competitive advantage a critical aspect of current business climates. The combination of Value and Competitive Advantage can be found in all of DBI’s product and service offerings. From the Solutions Schedule series of products to the Calendar and Studio Controls line up, combined with services that include custom component development that meet our customer’s specific needs to total project development  –  value and competitive advantage are cornerstones of who we are.

We respond to customer requests and market demands for solutions that help organizations attain optimized resourcing, process efficiencies and great Windows application design. No other company in the general UX design and Scheduling component software industry understands Scheduling and Resource Management like DBI Technologies Inc. Our products and services have been helping consultants and corporate enterprises alike surpass their requirements for natural, intuitive, snap-in and reusable functionality. Value and competitive advantage that increase the bottom line.

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