What’s Your Flavour of Scheduling ?

Scheduling has many names and terms of reference; often having starting points with Calendars and date pickers and quickly advancing to Day Minders, Rosters, Appointment scheduling to Enterprise Resource Planning and production scheduling.

Each has its own characteristics for presenting a type of appointment, task … in general terms a commitment that has a specific start time and an end time and usually presented along a timescale. The orientation of the timescale will imply a type of scheduling  – for instance, a vertical timescale is often viewed as appointment scheduling similar to a day timer or Outlook style of scheduling. In contrast, a horizontal timescale will imply resource planning, project management or resource scheduling. 

The complexities of scheduling have not diminished – if at all, scheduling has become even more complicated as we account for organizations with operations around the world accommodating a more sophisticated work force and advanced customer.

Taking these aspects in account, DBI has evolved its core set of components allowing developers to effectively manage the global nature of business and life today including the growing complexities of scheduling.  To the point, where today we look at managing many to many relationships that are associated with arranging appointments with resources from around the world.  A good example might be a video conference call, where resources from around the world are scheduled.



Value is more important than ever and competitive advantage a critical aspect of current business climates. The combination of Value and Competitive Advantage can be found in all of DBI’s product and service offerings. From the Solutions Schedule series of products to the Calendar and Studio Controls line up, combined with services that include custom component development that meet our customer’s specific needs to total project development  –  value and competitive advantage are cornerstones of who we are.

We respond to customer requests and market demands for solutions that help organizations attain optimized resourcing, process efficiencies and great Windows application design. No other company in the general UX design and Scheduling component software industry understands Scheduling and Resource Management like DBI Technologies Inc. Our products and services have been helping consultants and corporate enterprises alike surpass their requirements for natural, intuitive, snap-in and reusable functionality. Value and competitive advantage that increase the bottom line.

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